Microchipping...for Peace of Mind

Pet loss can be immeasurable. 
Don’t risk losing yours. 
Keep track of your pet!
Today, nine out of ten pet owners see their pet as a member of the family. 

Responsible pet lovers take ownership seriously, making sure pet needs are taken care of regularly. Happy, healthy pets can bring years of joyful memories and do a great job at bringing families closer and enriching their owners’ lives.  A pet astray or missing can be devastating and can cause a lot of stress for the entire family.

Just like people, pets hold an interest in things surrounding them. It’s not impossible for anything or anyone to catch their attention and tempt them to wander off. 

Why risk it?
Integrity Animal Care offers microchipping services. You’ll have a much better chance of recovering your precious pet, whether they have been stolen, or simply went for a stroll. 
Why Microchip Your Pet
  • Microchipping pets is a tried and tested method to immediately retrieve them, adding an extra level of protection to keep them safe. 
  • It’s not only the owners who get stressed when a pet goes missing. Lost pets tend to become frightened and occasionally put themselves into deeper trouble by dashing into dangerous, unfamiliar territories. In chaos, tags and collars can easily fall off. Without a microchip, it will be impossible for rescuers to identify your pet. 
  • Microchips last for the lifetime of your pet. This means never having to worry about losing your pet for long.
  • Pet abductions is not unheard of. Proving ownership can sometimes be a nightmare. But with microchipping, you will have a guaranteed irrefutable proof that your pet is yours to keep!
New Zealand, under the Dog Control Act 1996, requires dogs to be microchipped once and registered yearly. Microchipping dogs help in:  
  • Identifying roaming or lost dogs
  • Reuniting dogs with their owners
  • Keeping track of menacing or dangerous dogs

The microchip implant helps identify your dog through the city registration records and the National Dog Database.

Without a microchip, you are not only making it difficult to find your dog in case it goes missing. Not following the law, you are committing an infringement offence and can be fined from $300 up to $3,000. Your dog may also be seized and impounded by the Animal Management officers. 
Microchipping could mean the difference in getting reunited with your missing pet or potentially losing them forever!

Get peace of mind and book a microchipping appointment today.