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Dogs Bring Happiness

August 31st, 2019 |      0 comments

Man’s Best Friend.
That status has been reserved for dogs for millions of years and it is rightly deserved if you take a look at what these noble creatures do for us.


August 31st, 2019 |      0 comments

No one likes getting shots.
But, everyone has to get shots to keep certain preventable diseases away.
That includes your cats and dogs. It may look and feel painful when you look at their scared faces during your regular visit to the vet but the payoff is more than worth it considering what vaccines can do to improve the lives of your fur babies.

Keeping Your Goldfish Shiny

August 31st, 2019 |      0 comments

Everyone has had, at one point in their life, seen a goldfish. It’s a very common fish for amateur or beginner pet owners to have. This is because Goldfishes are come in huge abundance and are sold at very low prices. But this is not about owning a cheap pet. This is about how to maximise what anyone can benefit from by owning a Goldfish. One of the most important things is keeping it alive and healthy.

No Budget Too Big Or Too Small When It Comes To My Budgie’s Favourite Food

August 31st, 2019 |      0 comments

Perhaps the best reason why these little birds are popular pets is how easily you can tame them and make them trust you enough to feed them from your hand. Once they’ve gotten used to it, simply reaching your hand out is going to make them fly towards it and land on your palm. Being really small and light, you can have up to a dozen sitting on your hand without feeling any considerable weight.


Transport Crates - What You Need To Know About Transport Crates

July 16th, 2019 |      0 comments

Who doesn’t love going on long trips? And what’s better than going on a long trip than being with family or friends? What about pets? Pets love going on trips too you know, especially if it’s a trip with their favourite hoomans.


  But pets, unlike humans, need to be handled differently when going on trips. Their anatomical structure isn’t the same as ours, so their safety on long trips are compromised when not properly buckled in. 


  The best thing to do is to secure them inside a proper transport crate. Transport crates are usually made of high-grade plastic that can withstand impacts. These are also designed to keep your pet safe within its confines without making it feel claustrophobic.



Caring For Senior Pets

July 16th, 2019 |      0 comments

One sad reality in life is that everyone, everything gets old. Yes, our pets will grow old and they age faster than us. In comparison, a year in a dog’s life is equivalent to 7 of ours. They reach maturity faster and therefore become senior animals earlier than us human beings.


 The best we can do is make sure that we care for our pets from a young age to their twilight years. 


 Like us, as our pets get older, they also show signs of becoming vulnerable to injuries, diseases and the effects of fatigue. 


  Cats & dogs are usually considered geriatric at the age of 7. The breed, genetics, nutrition and environmental influences will play a part in the ageing process so it isn’t exactly the same for all types of pets.



Clean Your Fish Tank Before It Becomes Too Rank

July 16th, 2019 |      0 comments

Fish are great pets to keep if you want some peace and tranquillity in your home. Watching them flit about or just lazily drift around has been proven to lower the anxiety, blood pressure and stress of fish pet owners all over the world.


  The list of benefits these underwater pets give us might prove to be longer than the average person’s arm. But, what benefit do these fishes get from being our pets?

Is My Cat too fat? The Journey From Fat Cat to Model Thin Kitten

July 16th, 2019 |      0 comments

It’s pretty clear that we love our cats. After all, cats are the most popular companion animals in NZ! And if you visit any pet store, you’ll find more products for cats than any other pet in the NZ area. There are cat bowls, food, scratching posts, climbing posts, bells, swatters, you name it if a cat owner thinks their cat’s gonna love it, it’s most probably going to be there. 

And maybe we are guilty of loving our cats too much.

It can’t be helped, anything a cat does is cute. There are hundreds, if not thousands of Youtube videos devoted to the cats. And these channels are watched by millions of cat lovers world wide! 

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