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Should You Adopt An Adult Dog?

February 26th, 2020 |      0 comments

Dog and puppySo you’re ready to let another fur baby into your home. You think you’re ready for the responsibility of being a fur parent for the first time, or once more, to a cuddly and ever so loyal pooch.  

Now is the time to ask yourself a very important question. Should you adopt a puppy or opt for a full-grown adult pet? Don’t get me wrong. There’s no wrong answer to this one. But adopting a puppy and adopting an adult dog has stark differences you need to consider. 

Puppies generally need more care, attention, and training. Meanwhile, adult dogs (depending on where you get them from) already have fully developed behavioral characteristics that make their personality. 


Puppy VS Adult dog

Both puppies and adult dogs need to have their basic needs fulfilled to ensure their optimal wellbeing. They need food, water, mental stimulation and exercise mainly through playing and walking. 

However, puppies, as cute and adorable as they are, function like untamed supercharged energy balls. They’re basically still learning the ways of the world. They’d run around the home if they could, and plant poop bombs for you to track or step on, day in and day out. 

Pups need training. And if you don’t have the motivation, means, and/or patience to train them, the next best alternative for you is to adopt an adult dog. While considerably less trainable than the young ones, there are adult dogs who already have received basic training either from the shelter or their previous home. 

Adult dogs from rescue groups usually receive up-to-date vaccinations. Some adult dogs can also respond to basic commands and have been trained on how to behave properly. Having a dog who has had basic training will make it easier for you to create a bond and help them adjust to home life with you.


What you need to do before adopting a dog

Unless you’re living alone on a tremendously large land that's large enough to let your dog run and bark to his heart’s content, then adopting a dog will probably have to be a group decision.

If you’re renting, then you’ll have to check how your landlord feels about having a dog in their property. If you’re living with your family, then the adoption should be a family affair. Everybody has to fall in love with the dog as much as you did.

Before you fully commit to adopting another fur baby, here are a few other things worth looking into:


The dog’s behavior

Rescue groups usually allow dogs to stay with foster families. If possible, check with the dog’s foster family how they usually behave inside the house. See if the dog is fearful and assess if you’re willing to help them cope.

Reasons why they’re up for adoption

Each dog is put on a shelter or foster home for a reason. They may have been rescued from the streets or were used in illegal activities by abusive individuals. Rescue dogs usually receive treatment and training. However, if they were put up for adoption due to a biting incident, you may want to think twice especially if you’re living with young kids. 


If possible, go on a test-drive. See if you can bring them home and observe how they adjust to their new surroundings. Compatibility is very important when adopting dogs as this is where a solid relationship is founded. 


Adopting is a huge responsibility. It isn't something that should be done in haste. When looking to adopt a dog, it's important to conduct a thorough background check as much as possible. 


If you're planning to adopt an adult dog, it's important to remember that training them will take time. This is why the dog has to have the characteristics that you're willing to deal with on the get-go. 


Once you find the perfect dog for you, having a happy relationship with them is much easier to build. Your greatest start point would be showering them with proper love and care. 


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