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Rabbits: The Cutest World Conquerors EVER!

March 8th, 2019 |      1 comments


Who would’ve thought rabbit's rise up to become the third most popular pet choice in the world? 

I guess everyone who’s ever come into contact with one or owned one or knew someone who has one!

And can you blame them? 

Rabbits are cute from the moment they’re born, as young kits, as young adults and as senior members of your family. 

So, what is it that makes them so cute?

Is it their eyes? Their floppy ears? The way they hop around looking for tasty morsels to nibble on. 

It’s got to be nibbling, right? Owners have been known to sit in front of their pets’ hutches just watching them nibble on greens and other food stuff for hours. 

But, whatever reason you may have for keeping a pet rabbit (or more), the most important thing is you need is knowing how to take care of it in the first place.

And as a reminder: We have everything you need to properly care for your pet rabbit. 

But since we can’t be there all the time, you will have to learn a few of the basics so you can make sure your rabbit is living a happy life with you.

Alright then, let’s get on with it.

rabbits eating greensFeed your rabbit lots of greens

Most people who are new to taking care of rabbits believe that rabbits only eat carrots. Blame it on popular culture to make this such an accepted point of view for rabbits. Rabbits actually prefer more greens like cabbage, lettuce and others. Make sure you feed them lots of these. We also have food specifically made for rabbits. Check out our Rabbit Food Section where you can get ready made food to mix in with the greens you provide for them.

Vitamins and Minerals

The natural food you provide can only give so much vitamins and minerals to your rabbits. You will still need to boost that so that they remain healthy throughout their lives.

You’ll also need a Salt Lick to keep their iodine levels up.

Give them the space they need

Rabbits are among the fastest land mammals in the world. You wouldn’t think they were that fast until you saw one in full sprint. But with the limited space in our apartments and modern living conditions, the space rabbits need for exercise is either small or non-existent. You will need space. We have enclosures capable of providing more space through tunnels connecting from one cage to the other. Or you could just provide a temporary pen for them to run in and when they tire out just put them back in their hutch.

You also have to make sure that their living spaces have enough bedding so they can burrow in or live in conditions apt for their body type.

Disinfectants and deodorisers are also available at the store to keep the odour down to a minimum.

Keep them healthy by visiting your vet regularly

Rabbits for the most part are very easy to take care of. Feed them, house them properly, give them enough space and they’ll be happy. But you also have to make sure they have all the vitamins and minerals they need, roughage to aid in digestion and of course, being rodents, something to gnaw on. The last one is most important as rodents’ teeth keep growing and gnawing is the only way to keep it ground down. 

We also have grooming services to keep their fur looking good and shampoos, flea and tick treatment and dust baths. This may seem like a lot of work when caring for a rabbit but you also have to put into consideration that they’re small and very manageable unlike cats and dogs. 

These are just the basics, keep coming back for more info as we delve deeper into each aspect of how to take care of rabbits in the future installments of this blog. Who knows? Maybe by that time they’d have overtaken the popularity of cats and dogs to become the #1 pet choice for all humankind.

Here’s a goodbye and a binky for now!


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