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Keeping Your Goldfish Shiny

August 31st, 2019 |      0 comments

Expert Tips To Keep Your Beginners’ Fish Healthy

Everyone has had, at one point in their life, seen a goldfish. It’s a very common fish for amateur or beginner pet owners to have. This is because Goldfishes are come in huge abundance and are sold at very low prices.
But this is not about owning a cheap pet. This is about how to maximise what anyone can benefit from by owning a Goldfish. One of the most important things is keeping them alive and healthy.

With an emphasis on keeping it alive.

For starters, let me just tell you this: Goldfish don’t remain golden forever. It takes hard work and dedication to keep them looking that way. Ok, so here are some expert tips to keep your beginners’ fish healthy and golden.
It starts with buying the right fish from the right seller. There are many pet shops where you can buy goldfish and although these aren’t exactly bad fish, they’re not usually the type to maintain that highly attractive colour.
animal-aquarium-aquatic-2053815Buy From The Best Breeders
Buying from a reputable breeder will ensure the quality of fish that you will get. Genetics count in keeping the colour vibrant. The best breeders also have the lineage of the fishes all figured out to ensure they always produce the best. It’s uncanny how they can predict what the fishes will look like as they grow.

Oh and aside from genetics, age also plays a part in your fish’ colour. Health and environment too. Your fish, as it ages will also experience some colour changes. This is normal. Good genetics will help it retain that golden colour.

Water Quality
Next, the water. Your fish is going to be living in it. Yeah, water. The one that also keeps your fish alive. 
Even the cleanest, clearest water you can put in your aquarium has to be checked for proper pH, ammonia and nitrite levels. Even a unit off can have disastrous effects not just to your fishes’ appearance but to its health in general.
Water testing kits are available in al reputable pet stores and the instructions are clearly stated in the best kits. 
Or you could just ask the store attendant to show you how to do it.

Your fish’ diet is going to affect how it looks. For best results, consult your vet. Advice from other fish owner includes providing food that has colour enhancing supplements like Spirulina and Beta Glucan. You can also introduce vitamins E and C into their diet to further make their colours pop.

Consult your veterinarian to know just how much to give to your pets without causing any unwanted effects.
Oh, and make sure you remove excess food after feeding time to keep the water clean.

Believe it or not, light plays a huge part in your goldfish’ appearance. A comparison is done on goldfish kept in a pond that receives a regular amount of sunlight against tank kept fishes reveal that those outside have a brighter, more golden appearance.

Apparently, light, preferably sunlight, has the equivalent of a tanning effect on goldfish making their colours pop.
If you don’t have a pond, keep your goldfish in a well-lit area that receives a fair amount of sunlight. Try to make sure they don’t get hit directly by it as it can cause the water to overheat. 

Studies have shown that: Goldfish and hot water don’t mix well.

We hope this information has helped you keep your goldfish alive and healthy. Browse for fish food, medicines and other fish accessories and send an enquiry.


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