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How To Keep Your Pet Bunny Safe

February 25th, 2020 |      0 comments

Adopting a bunny is a big responsibility. Aside from having to feed them, you also have to consider how fragile they are and create an environment where they can be safe. As a pet owner, you need to make sure that they have the right shelter where they are protected from predators and where they feel free to play, rest and grow.

Bunnies need to have a clean and safe environment where they can grow to be healthy and free. If you’re looking to get yourself a new bunny, here are  a few tips to remember to make sure that they’re happy in their new environment:


Ensure a safe outdoor environment

Pet BunnyAlthough rabbits are fairly fragile, you can choose to have them stay in a secluded, safe, and clean outdoor space. However, it’s important that you properly manage the shelter’s temperature and ventilation. 

Rabbits must be kept away from strong sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keep their shelter free from the sun by situating them somewhere with overhead roofing such as a shed or garage. During winter, you can drape a blanket or cover on their shelter to make sure that they don’t freeze from the cold.


Creating a danger-free indoor shelter

If you’re not keen on having your bunnies stay outdoors, creating an indoor shelter for them is a great alternative. However, make sure to keep them away from larger pets such as cats and dogs. 

You also have to make sure that you keep them away from thin plastics and boards that they can potentially gnaw at. Wires should also be out of reach and covered with plastic to keep rabbits from chewing on them.


Proper resting and exercise areas

Whether you decide to situate your bunnies’ indoors or outdoors, you must create the right resting and exercise areas for them. Having the right resting and exercise areas will play a vital role in ensuring their wellbeing.

Resting area for your bunny

Your bunny’s resting area should be divided into two parts: (1) an open area where they can eat and relax, and (2) a darkened area where they can retreat to sleep in, or when they’re feeling scared.

You also have to make sure that their resting shelter is far from the central heating system as this can do more trouble than good for their health. Bedding is another important aspect of your bunny’s resting area that you need to look into. Their bedding has to be made of something that they can bite and nibble on.


Exercise area

The exercise area has to be wide and large enough to allow your little bunny to run and hop around. One of the most common yet effective structures for play are castles made of cardboards. This way, your bunnies can play inside if they want to play somewhere secluded. They can also chew on windows and doors if these pique their interest.

A good environment creates happy and healthy pets

Most pet owners purchase a shelter when their bunnies are still young. But it’s important to make sure that they don’t outgrow their environment. They should still be free to sleep and run around in their adulthood as they did when they were younger.

Having the right environment for your pets lets them know that they’re safe. They have space where they can run to or refuge and rest. This helps in ensuring that they grow up to be happy, secure and healthy. 



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