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How To Keep Your Pet Bird Happy

March 26th, 2020 |      0 comments

Birds make amusing smart pets. But without proper care and nutrition, it can be quite difficult to keep them happy which can then lead to boredom and development of behavioral issues or even depression.


Fortunately, making your pet bird happy requires no rocket science. There are specific practical ways that you can make sure that your pet stays, physically, emotionally, and mentally well. 


Here are a few ways to keep your pet bird happy:

Spend time with your pet birds

Domesticated birds require socialization to stay psychologically healthy. While birds in the wild have their flock to interact with, your pet bird only has you as their companion and source of comfort. Allot a few hours daily to play with your pet bird. This will help establish and strengthen your bond with them, as well as fulfill their need for socialization. 

Provide them with a healthy, balanced, and diversified diet

Make sure to feed your pet bird with fruits and vegetables along with their usual seed and pellets that are commonly given to them. This ensures that they get all the vitamins they need. It also keeps them protected from diseases and nutrient deficiencies. 

Give them access to sunlight

Birds need to be exposed to direct sunlight to ensure proper bone health. They need access to UVA and UVB rays that is not filtered by any glass, this is why it is highly advised to give your birds access to an outside enclosure where they can bask in the sun and get some fresh outdoor air.

Teach ‘em a few tricks

Birds of all ages can be taught fun tricks. It’s a great way to strengthen your bond by having fun and responding to their need for mental stimulation. Teaching them tricks will get them thinking and keep them entertained at the same time.

Let them play

Aside from teaching them tricks, it’s also great to allow your pet birds to play on their own with their toys. However, remember that some birds have been found to be as smart as toddlers, and in most cases, just as easily bored as them. Make sure to keep things diverse when they play. Put their toys on rotation so they always find something new to keep them entertained. 


Watch out for signs of destructive behavior

Birds that are under an immense amount of stress or anxiety may resort to self-destructive behaviors like plucking their own feathers or screaming. These behaviors could be caused by changes in their environment or your schedule. As soon as this happens, make sure to get in touch with your vets in Auckland so they can provide you with professional advice on how you can help your feathered friend. 


Birds are amazing pets. They’re fun, smart and adorable. But domesticated birds need proper care and nutrition to live happily on land. Following the tips above will help ensure that your pet birds remain healthy and well-adjusted. 


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