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Grooming Services. Who Needs Them?

March 8th, 2019 |      0 comments


That’s true. 

Money well spent.

But if you look beyond the price and actually see it’s value, you’ll be able to say it’s money well-spent.

shihtzu long hairWhy groom your pets? 

Your pet is alive. As such, its body is always at a constant state of change. Fur grows, is shed and is replaced. Claws grow too. Unmanaged, fur can bunch up or stick together completely immobilizing parts with opposing fur strands growing. This can limit the movement of your pet and could potentially be the start of joints and other body parts atrophying due to lack of usage. Teeth not properly cared for can lead to premature loss of teeth resulting in a drastic change in your pet’s diet. 

Claws not trimmed can harden and affect your pet’s gait if left untouched. Untrimmed claws can elongate and affect how their paws land on the ground. Most owners are afraid to clip their pet’s claws for fear of hurting them by cutting the “quick”.

Grooming promotes the release of healthy oils to your pets bodies. This is natural oil that helps keep their fur clean. Too many baths can strip those natural oils away leaving you with a dried out, dandruff-filled pet.

You don’t want that.

Hiring the services of a professional groomer puts your mind at ease and here are a few reasons why:

Interaction With A Professional Can Serve As An Early Detection Process For Diseases And Other Problems

To start with, your pet gets to interact with a professional who sees animals on a daily basis. This person has a deeper understanding of what is right and wrong from one animal to the next even if it isn’t that obvious. To the untrained eye, our pets may be healthy but in reality, they’re already on the brink of or are already suffering the first stages of a health disaster.

A professional groomer sees beyond what is skin level and can give you advice on what or how to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Think of it as an early detection activity for warning signs, parasites and other health issues.

A professional pet grooming specialist’s in depth knowledge of your pet’s anatomy (remember, they get to see a lot of animals and they, more or less, can make a comparison) can help them identify abnormalities like rashes, discoloration, balding and bleeding. This leads to the early detection of life threatening diseases. Additionally, they can check for fleas, mites and other parasites.


adorable pet groomingPets Deserve Massages Too

The anatomy of humans and animals vary in degrees. Then again, there are also similarities like the muscle groups and how they’re related to one another. A professional groomer knows in depth info about these muscle groups and can give your pet a soothing massage during the grooming period.

Massages have the same effect on animals as they do on people. Massages reduce stress, improve the circulatory system, promote good hormone production and overall relaxation. All this from one trip to the groomers.

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Sure, there are grooming tools available for sale in most pet stores. We also sell them in our store. The question is: are you properly equipped to groom your pet? And we’re not just talking about the physical tools you can buy off the shelf. We’re talking about your patience, ability to cope with difficult situations and other factors that could turn one of the most enjoyable activities for both the groomer and the pet into a nightmare. This is where experience really plays a major part. Professional groomers can read your pet’s body language and can react accordingly. They can also put your pet at ease by taking on a very positive aura that pets can understand. Professional groomers know that their emotions have to be held in check to properly care for all individuals.

Professional groomers have undergone years of training in order to know what’s right and what doesn’t work. They also have invested lots of money to get the right tools for any type of job.

So, is it still expensive or is the price fair enough now considering there’s a lot of everything else happening behind the scenes?

If you want your pet professionally groomed and get some good advice as well, we’re here.
Just give us a call. We’ve got professional grooming services available.


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