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Going cuckoo over birds

March 26th, 2019 |      1 comments

bird pet careDid you know that there are over 16 million pet birds in the world? That puts birds as the fourth most popular pet in the world! 

But then again, we’re only talking about pet birds that are in cages inside people’s homes. You see, most bird lovers actually consider birds who come to their backyards as pets too. And then there are those birds kept in larger enclosures or aeries in zoos and easily, birds can overtake cats and dogs in number and popularity.

So why do we love birds so much?

Is it because of their bright colours?
Is it their chirping?
Or is it that we envy them because they can fly on their own power and we have to rely on machines to do so?

Whatever the reason may be, it’s pretty obvious that birds are a popular pet choice and will continue to grow in number as more and more people are turned on to the idea of keeping friendly, feathered, flying pets in their homes.

As a starter pet, birds are excellent for kids as they will be taught how to handle small animals gently. This raises the kid’s empathy towards smaller beings well above others in his age group that do not keep birds as pets.

Birds are pretty much cost efficient pets needing only a simple (but spacious cage), seeds, some toys and clean water. You don’t necessarily have to pair them with other birds as most birds are ok with living solo. But then again, we said these words to ourselves and we still ended up with a whole aerie of birds in our house. As long as you have enough room, you can keep adding more birds. Just remember to always keep their surroundings clean for health reasons. 

If there’s anything you need, there’s a big chance we have it in stock. Visit our shop for bird seeds, supplies and other accessories.



Janett says ...
We had love birds as we call them before. Very identical to the photo above. But they need special care, or else they easily die.
Temperature, socializing with other birds, and big space.
From: Janett, roofing repair
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