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Dogs Bring Happiness

August 31st, 2019 |      0 comments

Bring Him Happiness Too!

adult-animal-blur-2958113Man’s Best Friend.
That status has been reserved for dogs for millions of years and it is rightly deserved if you take a look at what these noble creatures do for us.

Dogs play important roles in society performing jobs for the police, military, acting as service animals for disabled people, acting as comfort animals for lonely or anxious people, guiding the blind, the list goes on. 
The most important thing dogs do for us is to bring happiness no matter what role they are playing for us.
And they never tire in showing their loyalty to the people who love and care for them. 

Dogs bring happiness.
So what can we do to bring them happiness too?
Dogs, as intelligent as they are, are basically just as intelligent as a toddler. That’s on an average. But, the point is, dogs are perpetual children in a furry form.

And children love to play.
They never lose that playfulness associated with their prey drive and that’s why dogs easily get attracted to balls, chew toys and other small rolling objects. Just remember that this will enhance your dog’s instinct to hunt and this might not be the best thing to do especially if you have other small animals sharing the home.

Dogs Love Affection
I have yet to meet a dog that doesn’t melt when given a good rubbing and scratching. Dogs just love being touched and shown affection. This goes back to their wild pack animal mentality. Grooming establishes a hierarchy in society. It helps establish order and actually puts your dog at ease when he knows you’re the alpha.

A Good Doggie Deserves A Good Grooming  
Think about it, up until the last decade or so, dog grooming wasn’t actually a popular thing. It just became so when pet owners found out how grooming improved their dog's appearance and temperament. Shearing off excess fur not only gives your dog a great outline but it also helps cool him down. Clipping his nails help him walk better and not hurt himself when he scratches his ear for no reason. Grooming even helps remove the need to scratch one’s self as parasites like ticks and mites are removed through a proper bath. So the next time you want to treat your dog, take them to the groomer.

Don’t Bore your Dog, Accessorize
Need a cool leash and collar combination? We have that. Need some practical clothing to keep them warm or dry? Sure! Toys, dishes, travel cages, we have everything here that you will ever need to keep your dog as happy as a… er… dog. 


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