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Crate Training Your Puppy

April 30th, 2019 |      0 comments

crate training your puppy

Oooohhhh you got a new puppy! That’s so cute! 

So cute until he starts peeing anywhere he wants to and doing the rest of his business in places you’re most likely to step onto that hot pile of what was good ol’ dog food a couple of minutes ago. Oh and he’s not just going to do this once a day. He’ll be doing it each and every time he feels like it.

Unless you nip it in the bud!

And how do you do that? Easy! Use crate training for your puppy.

Ok, ok your next question is most likely going to be “What is crate training” right? 

Simply put, this is a training method to teach puppies the importance of boundaries. 

Dogs crave discipline. They are pack animals and they need that social standing or someone to look up to as their leader. That’s you. And as their leader, you are basically the one who’s going to be responsible for disciplining him as well as making sure he is well-fed and is comfortable living inside your home or space you provide for him.

This starts when he is still a puppy.

You have to establish a boundary. The crate creates that physical boundary that keeps your puppy in one place for the time being.

Now dogs like their homes to be clean so your puppy is going to try it’s best not to soil his immediate surroundings. You will have to watch him though and make sure that he gets to do his business every time after a meal. Once done going number one or number two outside, bring him back in and place him within the crate.

Your puppy is going to try to hold it in until the next time you let it out. This establishes a pattern for your puppy during his formative period. 

Establishing this form of discipline will condition your puppy for more training and he will happily obey.

NOTE: accidents may happen every now and then, use positive reinforcement. Your puppy is already stressed out as it is. Yelling or losing your temper won’t help it understand. Clean the place thoroughly and be more vigilant so another accident doesn’t happen again.


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