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Does your pet really need all these toys?

March 26th, 2019 |      1 comments

One thing a pet owner quickly realizes once they acquire a pet is this: it can get pretty expensive really fast.

If you put into consideration the amount of money you’ll be paying for food, grooming, accessories and medicines, you can easily rack up expenses in the 4 figures per month!

But then again, that’s not going to turn you off from buying stuff for your pet, right?

We didn’t think so.

Except for the bare essentials, food, medicine and shelter, the thing pet owners splurge on are toys.

chew toys for dogsAnd who can blame them? Watching your pets chew or play with a new ball, gnaw on a bone for hours or run on a treadmill is actually classified as a legitimate form of entertainment by most pet owners.

There’s just something about the enjoyment your pets get that satisfies pet owners no matter what pet they may own.

Being touted as one of the biggest and largest pet authority in NZ, we too have toys offered for your pets. We don’t discriminate between, furred, feathered, scaled or other so we have all types of toys for all types of pets and pet owners.

But, does your pet really need all these toys?

Apparently so. Most toys serve a secondary purpose aside from providing your pet some entertainment. For example, chew toys that clean their teeth at the same time. Most bone shaped toys for dogs remove or prevent plaque build up. Dishes that serve as puzzles are a great way to pique your cat’s interest and hopefully their appetite as well. Exercise wheels? Why not try exercise balls so your hamster/mouse/rat can explore the outsides of their cages without the fear of getting stepped on by people or larger pets.

Even reptiles need toys to ward off the boredom they feel while inside their cages. We’ve got tunnels, pipes, mini caves and heating pads that they can explore.

So don’t just look at toys as simple things that are meant to be played with because although that’s their primary use, they do have a secondary function which may prove
to be more than it’s weight in gold.

Ok… that’s it for now… let’s not even get started on accessories...


Alyssa says ...
Dogs love to chew on anything. If you do not buy them toys, they might end up chewing your newly bought shoes, your wooden furniture and etc. From Alyssa, Plumbing company.
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