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MAXIGUARD Oral Cleansing Gel for Cats & Dogs

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MAXIGUARD Oral Cleansing Gel for Cats & Dogs.

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MAXIGUARD Oral Cleansing Gel for Cats & Dogs 120ml

Recommended for:

  • Advanced Periodontal Cases
  • Post Surgery
  • Pre and Post Prophy

A “professional strength” product with a long history of being the most complete home care product available. The unique zinc ascorbate formula is very effective in reducing gingivitis, plaque deposition and halitosis.


MAXIGUARD® Oral Gel® is supplied unmixed with a separate vial of Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid).

Instructions for Mixing.

Remove the gel cap, snap off the applicator tip, tap the bottle to remove the air bubble and pour in the vial of ascorbic acid. Replace the applicator tip and cap then shake into solution for approximately 60-90 seconds.

Instructions for Application.

Place one pea-sized drop (cats) or two drops (small dogs) on your index finger, gauze pad, swab, or finger brush to treat one side of the pet’s mouth. Simply rub the gel briefly over the gum area above the outside of the upper back molars. Repeat on the opposite side. The Zinc Ascorbate gel will stimulate the salivary glands, and provide a gentle bathing action throughout the oral cavity. Do not rub additional gel on multiple oral areas. You will simply waste your professional strength product and may cause hyper-salivation. Application to larger dogs is often easier by direct, but careful, application directly from the bottle.

Instructions for Storage.

Before mixing, MAXIGUARD® has a shelf life of over 3 years, however, as with any coloured product, direct sunlight should be avoided. Unmixed product may be displayed on product shelves in the clinic merchandising area. After mixing with Vitamin C, the shelf life is approximately 6 months providing it is stored away from light. Storing in a refrigerator is ideal. MAXIGUARD® features a unique product freshness indicator through natural colour change. The product is fresh and efficacious as long as the colour remains blue or green. A brown or yellow colour indicates the product, although safe, is no longer fresh and efficacious.


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