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Sunday Wholesome Bits 11.81kg Large and Giant Adult Food

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Sunday Wholesome Bits 11.81kg Large and Giant Adult Food



Dry Dog Food


Recommended for Large & Giant Breed Adult 18 months old - 5 years old,

All Sunday Pets ingredients are sustainable locally sourced in New Zealand to ensure continuous quality and freshness, Low GI Carbohydrates-Balance Release, 100% New Zealand Grass-fed Lamb/ Vegetables/ Fruits and Herbs, No Whey, No Corn, No Soy, No Salt, No Sugar, No Artificial Colours and Flavours. No Artificial Preservatives, 100% Naturally Preserved. NO BHT, BHA and Ethoxyquin, No Odds & Ends Promise, - Choosing Sunday Pets Wholesome Bits is choosing to live a healthier life for your pets.

Our Wholesome Bits was born with the determination to eliminate the use of high Glycaemic Index (GI) and inexpensive carbohydrate source like rice, corn and wheat that have little or no nutritional value.

We use local hulled barley where only the outermost hull is removed, leaving the bran layer, germ and endosperm intact.

They are richer in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. More importantly, as a Low GI ingredient slow burning carbohydrate. Wholesome Bits Large Adult influence balance release of glucose and providing essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle. -


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